The Ultimate Guide to EV Charger Home Installation Services: What You Need to Know

EV Charger Home Installation Services

Talking about EVs, are you thinking of replacing yours with an electric one? Moreover, maybe you have already made a decision to cut dependence on gas and imported electric vehicles in order to replace them with home charging units for fast and reliable charging. Look no further. This guide will explain in its entirety everything about EV charger home installation services in a way that you will understand.


Understanding the Basics


It will be a suitable thing to do if you first master the general knowledge about the procedure before penetrating into details. An EV charger, which is a technical term for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), is a device that you can easily plug into a power outlet under your roof and let your electric car recharge its battery. It offers the opportunity to fill gas in your car anywhere at any time, as charging at public stations is no longer needed.


Choosing the Right Charger


The first thing that should be done is to choose the correct charger from the variety of different types available for your specific application. EV chargers of different levels come with them; they include the Level 1 charger (which is simply plugged into the regular household outlet) and the Level 2 charger (which requires a dedicated 240-volt circuit). Influences like your vehicle being big or small, the charging speed, and the electrical infrastructure you have will decisively act on your side.


Professional Installation Process


With Boyes Electric, you can be sure that your installation of the EV chargers will be treated with the utmost devotion and expertise. We are equipped with Alameda top residential electricians who would take charge of any job, even the process of getting permits, mounting the charger, and connecting it to your residence. Firstly, we promise safety and perfection each time. We have the certification that verifies your EV charger is installed according to all regulations and codes.


The Reasons for Selecting BOYES Electrical; Benefits: Offering a plethora of benefits to its customers is among the main reasons why Boyes Electrical is an ideal choice for any home or business looking for reliable and top-quality electrical products.


Here are some reasons to trust us with your EV charger installation: Here are some reasons to trust us with your EV charger installation:


Expertise: Our Alameda top residential electrician crew is well prepared and has established skills and experience in building electric car charger stations.


Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority, and it always will be. The aim is to do everything in a professional manner in order to reveal all customers’ requirements and surpass clients’ expectations.


Competitive Pricing: We meet the market’s standards by providing the most pocket-friendly prices for all the services we give you, according to your level of satisfaction.




The smart choice for any owner of an electric unit is to invest in the EV charger home installation service in the home solution. By having Boyes Electric installed in your home, you will have the peace of mind to charge your EV and benefit from the advantages of home charging with more safety and efficiency. We are available any time you need us. Discover more about our services and schedule the installation by just contacting us.


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