EV Charger Home Installation Services

ev charger home installation services in oakland

EV Charger Home Installation Services Are Now in Your Locality

Driving an electric vehicle is better for the planet and for your wallet, especially when you install an at-home EV charging station. Electrical vehicle owners in Oakland and Alameda can now get their charging stations installed with our professional EV charger home installation services. At Boyes Electric, we make sure that your charging station is compatible with your home and handle all the permits. Home EV chargers are the easiest, most affordable, and most convenient way to charge your electric vehicle.

We Offer Top-quality EV Charger Home Installation Services

  • ● Experienced home EV charger installation
  • ● Premium products
  • ● One-stop shop for solar, battery storage, and EV charger installation
  • ● Expert advice and no-pressure sales

Level 2 EV Charging Solution in Your Home

There are two ways to charge an EV at home. Level-one charging is the slowest option for home EV charging. The charger that came with your EV is a level-one charger. Level 2 charging is the fastest and most convenient option for at-home EV charging. Level two chargers require a 240-volt outlet and will charge your battery electric vehicle from empty in just 4–10 hours or a plug-in electric hybrid from empty in just 1-2 hours.

Professional EV Charger Home Installation Services

At Boyes Electric, our EV charger home installation services offer several benefits, including:

  • ● Faster EV charging
  • ● Safe
  • ● More affordable
  • ● Convenient

FAQs About Our EV Charger Home Installation Services

The level of at-home EV charging that is best for you completely depends on your wants and requirements. For example, if you are a heavy commuter, you must install Level 2. Our EV charger home installation services at Boyes Electric will analyze your requirements and provide guidance accordingly.

Opting for DIY home EV charger installation is not an option! You should consult with an expert electrician to know where to install, the types of electrical upgrades that will be required, and so on.
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