Fixing Electrical Hiccups: The Importance of Circuit Breaker Repair

Fixing Electrical Hiccups The Importance of Circuit Breaker Repair

Circuit breakers cut off a power circuit when it reaches a highly dangerous and unsafe electrical level to avoid melting and overheating. This is extremely important for preventing fires in your own house. Since the breakers play an essential role in the safety of your home, you must hire commercial electrical services in Oakland to identify the signs. 


Keep in mind that if you don’t maintain the circuit breaker in an efficient way, then it leads to house fires, electric shocks, and blackouts. Read this blog to learn the reasons houseowners should repair the circuit breaker and when they should do it. 


Prevent Power Cuts Due to Insufficient Capacity


If you’re getting new appliances or adding things that need more electricity, like making your home bigger. It’s important to have a licensed professional check your circuit breaker to make sure it can handle the extra electricity needed. If you don’t, you might damage your system. You might need a new circuit breaker installed to prevent problems like sudden power cuts.


Enhance the Safety of Your Home


Older homes usually have fewer circuits, around 30, 50, or 60 amps. Nowadays, we use more electricity because we have more appliances and gadgets. This puts a heavier load on our electrical systems than they were designed for. In older houses, loose connections might stop the breaker from tripping, which could lead to overheating and fires. Just putting in a bigger breaker might not be safe if the wires can’t handle it. 


When a circuit gets overloaded, the breaker switches off to prevent overheating and fires. Upgrading your breaker with the help of commercial electrical services in Oakland ensures that everything can handle the power your home needs, avoiding overheating and fires.


Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping


The top sign you need a new circuit breaker is when it trips even with just one power source on. If it trips when you turn on a light or plug in something small, it’s time to replace it or get it repaired by a licensed electrician. 


Rust and Corrosion


If your panel shows signs of rust, water stains, or corrosion, it might need replacing. Check what’s causing the rust, like cables not being sealed properly or water leaks. An old-looking panel might just need wires straightened, cables tightened, or breakers replaced by an electrician.


The Circuit Breaker is Overheating


When the circuit breaker does not have sufficient capacity, it may lead to overheating. If you notice that the circuit breaker has a burning smell, that means the circuit panel is distressed. When wires and insulation become overheated, you may notice a certain type of odor, which indicates that the circuit is not working properly. In that case, you have to shut it down immediately and contact commercial electrical services in Oakland.


Call for Professionals!


Whether it is a rusted-out panel or an old wall receptacle you want to replace for commercial electrical services in Oakland, Boyes Electric can handle any type of service you require. Our circuit breaker repair experts will be happy to help you!

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