DIY vs. Professional Circuit Breaker Repair: What You Need to Know

DIY vs. Professional Circuit Breaker Repair

Nowadays, most of us are completely dependent on electricity, and every part of our home is connected to electric wires. The same goes for commercial properties as well. That’s why you should hire commercial electrical services in Oakland if anything goes wrong. 


This is especially true when it comes to circuit breaker repair. You may think that it’s only about repairing a breaker and that anyone can DIY it. But that’s not entirely true. 


In this guideline, we will discuss why house owners should hire professional electricians to repair the circuit breaker. Read on. 


When Should You Replace the Circuit Breaker?

Circuit breakers monitor the electricity, and when they detect a surge, cut off the power immediately to prevent electric fires. You need to replace the breaker whenever you notice the following issues, including: 


  • Burn marks around the circuit breaker box
  • Repeatedly tripping
  • Physical damage to the breaker
  • A burning smell


When Should You Hire Commercial Electrical Services in Oakland for Circuit Breaker Repair?


You may want to DIY while repairing a circuit breaker, but in specific conditions, you must hire an expert. The following scenarios exist: 


Electrical Permits and Inspections


Some regions in the states require specific permits to inspect and repair the circuit breaker. Only an experienced and licensed electrician knows all the rules and regulations regarding the inspection and repair process. If you don’t comply with all the local rules, then you may face legal issues. 


The Electrical System is Much More Complex


Residential circuit breakers are much simpler compared to commercial ones. Since there are many properties in the commercial area, it requires a much more complex system. As a newbie, it’s not possible for you to understand all the wires and their utilities. 


Therefore, it would be best to contact an experienced and licensed commercial electrical services professional in Oakland who knows about the inner scoop of this matter and can repair the system efficiently and safely. 


Insurance Coverage


Home insurance companies require electrical repairs to be done by licensed, qualified electricians. Professional repairs minimize danger to the home and the people living there. Homeowners who use experts show they value safety and follow regulations. 


It also makes providing evidence of compliance easy. Taking this preventative measure increases safety. It reduces the risk of claim denials or disputes caused by poor or illegal electrical work.


What Factors Should You Consider While Hiring an Expert Electrician?


When hiring a specialist, we consider the cost and choose the person who offers the lowest price. But that may cost you more down the road. No matter what people say, you must ask for their license and other credentials. 


These are the proofs that they can complete the work by following all the rules. Apart from that, you should consider experience. Commercial electrical services experts in Oakland with years of experience have repaired several types of circuit breakers. So, there is a higher chance that they will provide a more error-free service. 


Call for Professionals!


You should also check whether they have positive reviews and customer testimonials online and have insurance and liability coverage. Checking the following factors will help you make sure that you get the best outcome out of your budget. However, if you want to book our commercial electrical services in Oakland, contact us at Boyes Electric.

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