Benefits of Installing an EV Charger at Home in Alameda with the Help of Expert Electricians

Benefits of Installing an EV Charger at Home in Alameda

According to research, around 1.6 million electronic vehicles will be sold in the United States in 2023. These statistics indicate that nowadays, people have become more concerned about the surrounding environment and have taken significant actions to reduce their carbon footprint on Earth. Despite the increase in purchasing EVs, there is still a lack of charging stations on the road. 


To solve this problem, experts recommend hiring EV charger home installation services to install in-home charging points so the owners can charge their cars without any issues. But it’s also true that installing EV chargers by Alameda top residential electricians is expensive. Therefore, you must know about several advantages of EV chargers at home. 


Read this blog to learn about these advantages in detail so that you can make an informed decision. 


Safe and Convenient 

If you have installed an EV charging installation point in your home, you can charge your car. For example, you can charge your car at night when you are sleeping. There is no need to worry about charging your car at a charging station at the perfect time. 


If you charge your EV at a public charger, you need to wait for hours until the car is completely charged. If you want to avoid the problems of charging your car from a public charger, contact EV charger home installation services immediately. 


Better for the Car’s Battery

Research has shown that supercharging your car can decrease the longevity of your EV’s battery compared to lower-level chargers. Since most public chargers are Level 3 fast chargers, they are not good for your car’s battery. The EV makers recommend limiting the use of fast chargers. 


Keep in mind that the superchargers charge quickly only when the car’s battery is below 80%. When there is only 20% remaining to charge, the units slow down to prevent overcharging. Before charging your EV, you should know about your battery type and the most effective way to increase its life. Keep in mind that not every EV battery can accommodate level 3 charging. 


Increase Property Value

EV charging stations are becoming a must-have amenity for multifamily properties to attract and retain tenants. Having an in-home charging point with EV charger home installation services can increase property value, generate revenue, and align with sustainability goals. Renters, especially in upscale areas, will soon expect the ability to charge their EVs at home. 



One of the biggest advantages of installing charging points by Alameda top residential electricians is that most home EV chargers are compatible with several types and brands of EV cars. This is a very good solution if you like to purchase different types of EVs from time to time, as there is no need to change the charging point. As a result, you don’t have to line up at a brand-specific public charging station twice or three times. 


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Residential EV charging offers convenience and control over energy use and aligns with the growing EV market. The EV boom is here, and owning one is becoming increasingly appealing. If you want to install a charging point at home, contact EV charger home installation services like us at Boyes Electric.

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