5 Warning Signs You Might Need San Leandro Electrician

5 Warning Signs You Might Need San Leandro Electrician

The electrical system in our house is one of the most important, and we rely on it for daily usage. In most cases, we take the utility and functionality of the electrical system for granted unless we notice some problem. If we can’t recognize the issue on time or at an early stage, it may become a huge risk for the people living in your home. 


Therefore, besides hiring expert professionals, identifying the problems is equally important. In this blog, we will give a basic idea of the signs that will indicate to you that it’s time to hire a San Leandro electrician


You Experience Electric Shocks Daily


There is no doubt that static shocks are extremely annoying during the winter season, but when you experience electric shocks regularly, it indicates that there is a bigger problem with the electrical system in your house. 


For example, if you experience shock while switching lights or electrical appliances, you must note when and how often it occurs. The San Leandro electrician will help you understand whether you need to replace the whole wiring or need a new ground-fault circuit interrupter. 


Switches Stop Working Suddenly


Have you noticed that suddenly the switches and wall outlets stop working? If so, contact an experienced San Leandro electric professional as soon as possible. If the non-functioning switches aren’t working, there’s nothing to worry about. But you should not repair them by yourself either. If anything goes wrong during the work, you may have to pay more out of your own pocket down the road. 


Notice Sparks from Outlets with a Burning Smell


You may occasionally notice a blue spark while plugging in, which is nothing to worry about. But if this is happening frequently or you notice a burning smell, contact an experienced and licensed San Leandro electrician as soon as possible. Otherwise, this tiny sparkle might pose a threat of electrical fire in the near future. 


Flickering Lights


A flickering light is another sign of an electrical problem in your house. This occurs when the electrical system doesn’t send the correct wattage to specific areas of your house. A flickering light is a sign of a threat because high electricity is concentrated in one area, which leads to a fire. 


Frayed Wires


There is no doubt that the electrical system lasts for many decades, but over time, the system may become frayed because of the severe weather or rodents growing at the wire. Keep in mind that frayed wires increase the chance of an arc fault, leading to hazardous situations, including a house fire. It would be best to hire an experienced and licensed San Leandro electrician to resolve the issue instead of repairing it yourself. 


Get in Touch with Us!


If your home is showing any of these problems, you should hire experts to solve them as soon as possible. In that case, you can contact our Leandro electrician at Boyes Electric to get thorough guidance. 

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