Top Commercial Electrical Services in Oakland

Top Notch Commercial Electrical Services in Oakland

Commercial properties may have several different types of electrical requirements than residential services. Since the larger electrical services are more complicated, they require highly qualified professionals who have in-depth knowledge and years of experience. Many property managers and business owners have selected our commercial electrical services in Oakland because we deliver energy-efficient, functional, and long-lasting results.

At Boyes Electric, our experts are licensed and insured in the regions they serve, and their in-depth experience makes them top-notch professionals who can do everything from panel upgrades and wiring jobs to complex transformer work. We maintain our customers’s satisfaction rate so that they will get their money’s worth.

Reasons Your Business Requires Commercial Electrical Services in Oakland

Commercial properties require a highly functional power supply and electrical system to support day-to-day functions. Whenever you notice the following problems and signs, call Boyes Electric for an immediate solution.

  • ● Dimming lights
  • ● Frequent power outages
  • ● Electrical shocks
  • ● Burning smell
  • ● High energy bills
  • ● Tripping breakers
  • ● Outdated electrical system

Whenever you need commercial electrical services in Oakland, go with us. We can provide services on the same day you call, and we also make weekend appointments. We understand that your business time is valuable; that’s why we don’t waste time. From electrical panel upgrades to rewiring projects, we will be your trusted partner at Boyes Electric.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your property may need rewiring if you are in an older building with aluminum or knob-and-tube wiring. Rewiring might also be necessary if you plan to expand, install, or update appliances and fixtures that need more power.

The range of commercial electrical services in Oakland you require will depend on the type of work. The services may range from hospital grade to general grade, water-safe grounded receptacles, and water-safe grounded receptacles.

A surge protector saves electrical equipment from high-voltage surges of power, which are the result of a sudden change to an electrical circuit.
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