Whole House Generators

Backup Generators to Protect Your Property

Always have backup! Boyes Electric, Inc. offers a wide selection of residential backup generators to protect your property when you need it the most. When hit with a power outage, get back to life more quickly by calling the trained and certified electricians at Boyes .

Everyone Needs Backup

Modern life is impossible without the consistent flow of electricity. In our homes, we count on it to light up rooms, heat and cool our food, and charge our electronic devices.

We have grown comfortable with modern, electrical conveniences, and there is no going back! Therefore, when faced with an electrical crisis, the current of life comes to a halt.

Get your family and your home back on track with Boyes Electric generator services. We offer the perfect generator for your budget and the size of your property. If you have questions about the best route for your residential generator purchase, call us anytime for more information!

Boyes Electric provides standby and backup generators. No one can afford to be stuck in the dark with no protection or immediate assistance. Before you call a professional, your generator provides instant comfort by bringing back the light and functionality of your home. No electrical emergency is too big or too small — homeowners always need backup!

Family owned and operated, we’ve been serving the San Jose, Sacramento, and surrounding areas since 2004.