San Leandro Electric: 6 Top Signs That Your Home Needs Rewiring

Do you know approximately 25% of domestic fires are caused due to electrical faults? Faulty electrics in a home or office can pose some serious risks. Electrical components get outdated over time and need to be paid attention. Ignoring them can lead to potential shocks, and short circuits, and the worst cases can even involve deaths.


To avoid any of such scenarios, you need to hire top residential electricians in Alameda. You must also check wiring while buying a property that was built years ago. This will help you evaluate whether that new house needs rewiring and its cost. Boyes Electric is the one-stop destination if you need an experienced electrician in San Leandro for rewiring or other electrical services. 


In this blog, we will delve into some important signs that suggest your house needs rewiring. 


When Does Your House Need Rewiring?




This is the foremost sign you shouldn’t ignore ever. If you are well aware of your property’s age, hire an experienced electrician in San Leandro to check whether the wiring is outdated or not. This will help you avoid any sudden accidents that can be hazardous. 


Flickering Lights


If you’re experiencing flickering lights quite frequently, there are high chances that your house needs rewiring. Check whether the lights in multiple rooms are dimming or flickering. Flickering of just a bulb may signify that it needs to be changed.


Discolored Sockets and Switches


Are you noticing burnt spots around light switches or sockets? This may have happened because of tiny fires or electrical sparks from loose connections. When your electrics are faulty, it creates a tiny arc of electricity and fire, this, if left unaddressed, can be extremely dangerous for both your home as well as family members. 


Burning Smell


You will experience a burnt type of smell in your home when your wires are faulty. In such a case, we suggest turning off your electricity at the mains and hiring an electrician to fix the issue. They will suggest whether your electrics need a small repair or a complete rewiring. So, hire the top residential electricians in Alameda as soon as you notice this sign. 


Partial Rewiring


Suppose you are buying an old property where some rooms have new switches and sockets whereas other rooms have old sockets that need to be replaced. In such a case, we suggest partial rewiring. 


Regularly Blown Fuses


When you introduce some new appliances in your home with the latest technology, you need to ensure that your electrics can take the load. Overloading can cause your fuse to blow regularly. We suggest upgrading them and installing modern circuit breakers to avoid such a situation. 


Enjoy The Best San Leandro Electric Services


At Boyes Electric, we have a team of expert electricians who can offer the best commercial electrical services in Oakland. We offer end-to-end electrical services for both residential as well as commercial purposes. We aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction with our top-notch services. Get in touch with us today or check our website for more details about us. 

Signs Your Home Needs Circuit Breaker Repair – What to Watch For

Circuit Breakers play an important role in ensuring the safety of a home or office. It provides protection against overloads, power surges, short circuits, and other accidents that can be caused due to faulty circuit breakers. Hence, you need to ensure that your circuit breakers are in good condition.


Boyes Electric can help you with the best and most reliable circuit breaker repair services. You can also count on us for the complete electrical requirements of a newly built property. In this blog. We will discuss some warning signs that indicate your circuit breakers need to be repaired or replaced. Let’s explore more below.


When Does Your Home Need Circuit Breaker Repair?


Power Fluctuation


You can notice power fluctuation sometimes but if you are experiencing it quite frequently, then it’s a concern you must address. Such incidents indicate a problem either with the wiring, electric panel, or breaker. Appliances like fans, and irons can also impact the electricity flow. We suggest hiring an electrician in San Leandro if such problems arise quite often. 


Frequent Breaker Trips


Frequent circuit breaker trips are a serious issue that needs immediate attention. It can be because of overloading and we suggest moving some electrical appliances to other circuits to avoid this issue. Such problems are more often seen in older homes where circuit breakers aren’t upgraded to bear the load of modern appliances. You can also count on us for the best circuit breaker repair services at the most competitive prices. 


Physical Damage


Check whether there are scorch marks around the breaker, appliances, or outlet. This can be because of melted wires which signifies you need to call an experienced electrician right away to get it checked. A melted wire can turn out to be extremely dangerous for your home. 


Poorly Performing Appliances and Light Fixtures


If you are facing issues with the performance of your appliances, it’s time for you to check your circuit breakers. Underperformance and shutdown while operating or frequent burnouts of bulbs can be indications of a faulty circuit breaker. So, hire an electrician if such situations arise frequently to find the underlying issues. 




You must replace your circuit breakers if it’s too old to be used. We strongly don’t recommend using old circuit breakers as they can actually turn out to be more expensive for you. So, reach out to an electrician for the replacement of the circuit breaker if it’s long overdue. After all, you cannot afford to ignore this. 


Hire Our Best Electricians


Boyes Electric is a leading company providing effective electrical services along with circuit breaker repair. We also offer EV charging station installation at the best prices. You can count on us with all your electrical needs. Call us today or check our website for more information. 


Why Do You Need EV Charger Home Installation Services?

Do you love driving EVs but hate searching or waiting at a public EV charging station? Installing an EV charger can be a good idea then. Many people are reluctant to install an EV charger at home considering its expenses. But it has several advantages along with the freedom it gives you and your family to charge your electric vehicles easily at home at any time. 


Boyes Electric is the right place if you’re looking for an electrician in Oakland, CA for the best EV charger home installation services. In this blog, we will discuss the main benefits of installing an EV charging station at home. 


Five Benefits Of Installing An EV Charger At Home


Save time and money


Charging your EV at home can save you time and money, as you don’t have to drive to a public charging station, wait in line, and pay for the electricity. You can simply plug in your EV at night, and wake up to a fully charged battery in the morning. You can also take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, which are usually lower than peak rates, and reduce your energy bill. So, hire an experienced electrician in Oakland, CA to install an EV charger at home. 


Increase your driving range and confidence


Charging your EV at home can increase your driving range and confidence, as you don’t have to worry about running out of battery or finding a nearby charging station. You can always start your day with a full charge, and plan your trips accordingly. You can also use apps or websites that show you the location and availability of public charging stations, in case you need to top up your battery on the road. 


Improved safety and convenience


Charging your EV at home will help you avoid the traffic, weather, vandalism, or theft that may occur at public charging stations. You can also enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own home and do other things while your EV is charging, such as sleeping, working, or relaxing. You can also choose the type and location of your home charger, depending on your preferences and needs.


Enhanced sustainability


Charging your EV at home can enhance your sustainability and environmental impact, as you can reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. You can also use renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, to charge your EV, and further increase your eco-friendliness. 


Increased Property Value


When you install an EV charging station at home, your property’s value will be increased. Potential home buyers nowadays look for a property pre-equipped with an EV charging station as more people are now switching to EVs. 


Hire The Best Electrician


Boyes Electric has years of experience in offering the best electrical services. Whether you want the best EV charger home installation services or need an electrician for rewiring, we can help you. Call us today or check our website for more information about our services. 

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